Sunday, May 20, 2007


Fixed the post problem...sorry!
Well, The Boy graduated (with honors) on Saturday evening, and he hasn’t moved out yet! ;-)

His was a nice ceremony that lasted a little over 75 minutes – very reasonable. When it was over I gave him a big ol’ hug, congratulated him, told him I loved him, and said, “I’m so proud of you boy. You’re doing everything right. Keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.” And he will. It took me a long time to mature to his level. What was I doing when I was 18? Pffft….let’s just say that I wasn’t nearly as focused as he is.

I couldn’t help but think of Mom and the Old Man (The Warden’s stepfather) during the ceremony. They weren’t there physically, but I know they were there – and were very proud of my son, as I am.

Sunday afternoon we reserved a room at a restaurant and had a feast in honor of The Boy’s accomplishment. There were about 20 of us there. He was met with applause when he came in. Lunch was delicious. There were hugs, cards, and gifts. The Warden and I got him a new guitar and amplifier, which he was WAY pleased to receive. The guitar is a Jackson. The amp is a 60W Roland Cube.

Sunday after lunch, while I was in his room hangin’ out and watching him play guitar, he thanked me for all we’ve done for him over the years. I deflected it back to him and reinforced the fact that what he's received and accomplished is the result of his own hard work and doing things right.

He starts college this fall. I couldn’t be more proud of that boy of mine.

Someone needs to write the Proctor & Gamble folks and tell them that their Head and Shoulders “Refresh” shampoo is not intended for use below one’s waist. Seems it contains a hint of some Ben Gay-ish ingredient.

So shampooers be warned: Do not use this particular H&S shampoo to wash your junk. It’s not excruciatingly painful, but it’s a little uncomfortable…uh, that’s what a, um, a friend said anyway…yeah, that’s the ticket.


"And my concern, David, is several." —George W. Bush, Speaking to David Gregory, Washington, D.C., April 3, 2007


Webmiztris said...

sweet gift!!!

omg, that head and shoulders thing is funny. don't you know that's why it's called Head and Shoulders, carlos? not Dick and Balls? ;)

jules said...

Laughing my ass off at the head and shoulders thing....then I see Dawn's comment and am laughing more.

The_Gator said...

i didnt know there was a problem with the post.....

yes the head and shoulders thing is funny. way to go carlos.

Might i suggest a list of other things not to put on your balls...
icyhot pads
any kind of tape
habenero pepper juice
anything that can be considered hot
anything that is considered cold.
foot or fist
cologne (especially after shaving)

im running out of things and its time for work someone finish this list for me.

renee255 said...

I'm lol with the rest at the head & shoulders and above comments but I really chuckled at gators Early being thrown into the list of what nots ;)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Congratulations to You, The Warden and The Boy you all deserve it! We're happy for you guys.
Don't be going and telling Early things NOT to put on his balls. We told him if he sleeps with Icy Hot on his balls every night it will make him produce more testostrone and he will be a big old muscle man in no time. Now he's going to think we're messing with him ;)
Your midget loving, blond Native American Indian buddy kept me on the phone for hours last night making fun of her parents not hearing their beeps in their old age lol. Naughty Ney, I'm telling...

The_Gator said...

lol no no no ~Y~ i was simply telling Crazy Carlos to not put early on his balls...not only would that be a lot gross...but you know might cause a little irritation in our eyes..........for a few months.....after reading about it.

Carlos said...

WebMiz: When I fucking read your post I laughed enough that The Boy said, “What’s so funny?” like he was missing out on something I was surfing.

Jules: That I have made you both laugh pleases me ;-)

Gator: I’m going to have your list dyed into every pair of underwear I won. Please let me know if you come up with any additions!

Nay: Sheesh…It’s about time you posted here. You’d think that someone turned off the ability to comment…oh wait…I did. ;-) That Gator included Early on the list is indication that Gator is slowly but surely joining the ranks of the truly twisted!

Bunny~n~Early: Thanks yous guys! At least you can get Nay on the phone ;-)