Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Last day
Today is my last day off. I was off Monday, and took Tuesday/Wednesday just because. I have some ironing to do and some old family letters to transcribe today, but plan on doing a good bit of slacking too

Woozie sez they build Character. I gots me some character then. Here are the ones I’ve experienced and where I was:
Gloria – 1985 (NJ)
Charley – 1986 (NJ)
Andrew – 1992 (New Orleans)
Gordon – 1994 (Cuba)
Opal – 1995 (Ship at sea)
Bret – 1999 (Corpus Christi)

One Ringy Dingy
I’ve really been geeking out on ringtones over the last few days. I’ve been making / editing my own for my trusty Razr phone. Anyone got any ideas for some new ones?

Roger Larry Craig
He hasn’t gone away yet. What gives?

Read a Book
Woozie posted about a BET cartoon music video the other day. CNN reported it as controversial. Here’s what I had to say about it.

We can upload video now! Here’s one I like


Webmiztris said...

i love that

you're doing better than me. I'm too lazy to make my own ringtones. I don't even download any. I use the ones that come free with my phone!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

OK, That was funny! Looks like I will be a regular here! Thanks for visiting my site!


Margaret said...

Gloria and Charley - remember them well. Gloria was a bitch.

Ringtones, get the Sanford & Son theme. It's always good for a smile.

Ugh Craig, actually after hearing the detective's transcript I want to know more details. Not in a sick sense, but I need to know the proper way to take a shit in a public restroom without getting drug down to the police station afterwards. Maybe Craig isn't gay, just guilty of not giving a courtesy flush?

But then again, he sure looks gay.

Woozie said...

We did Hurricane Isabel in 2003, though it was more of a tropical storm by the time it got up here. So I don't have much character :(

But tornadoes are worth even more points.

renee255 said...

That video cracked me up.

How are the weiner dogs? Loved and their foot pads all worn out from the long walks you have been taking them on while off work?

Sure blame the girl for losing the leashes when you claim the kids don't take time out for them.

Shelley said...

Sure, dude, you take days off just cuz and leave the rest of us at the office to make up for it. You know you are dearly missed by all when you are not there. Okay, maybe not by all...but certainly by me!

Looks like you have been through a lot of hurricanes. I wonder why tornadoes (which I have experienced) and earthquakes (which seem to be a regularity in my life) are not named. Got any answers? All we can say is, "Remember that 6.2 one we had in Jul of 69?" or something of that sort.

I, too, am like webmiztris - too lazy for the ringtones - I take what they give me. I do like the picture identification with the caller, though. It is nice to see the person's face when the phone is ringing.

I thought that asshole Craig would be gone by now and has anyone figured out what hand signal he used to solicit sex from the gentleman in the next stall? Also, I'm really curious how he could put his right foot into the stall & his left hand.

One last comment, thank you to all of you who welcomed me to the blog.

Oops! One more comment/question - where is your 3WW? I'm still waiting to see who Michelle called.

Carlos said...

WebMiz: Yeah, that video cracks me up too. It was on You Tube for a while, but got yanked due to copyright infringement. Whatever.

FlyinFox: Thanks for visiting! I’ve added yours to my list of daily checks too.

Margie: Ah, yes…Sanford and son. I used to have an old computerized version of it, but I can do the real thing now! Good idea. I’m with you. I want to know the details. I mean, the motherfucker was in there doing something besides using the toilet for traditional purposes. I can’t remember the last time I took a shit in a public restroom stall and accidentally touched feet with my neighbor. And if I dropped a piece of paper on the floor in a public restroom, it would most likely stay there unless it was irreplaceable. Courtesy flush indeed! :-)

Woozie: Hey man. Don’t feel bad. I’m not black, and they say black folk have more soul than non-black folk. ;-) Never been near a tornado before. Been close to a few waterspouts though.

Nay: What’s with the guilt trip? I mean…sheesh…oh, wait….I asked you guys to do it. Shit. ;-) Wiener dogs are loved, but not yet regularly walked. I suck. I know.

Shelley: Wow…that was longer than my entire blog entry I think ;-) I’ve never been in a tornado before, but don’t mind that. Too fucking fast for me. I think they just name tornadoes and earthquakes by the city they wasted. The Oklahoma City tornado; 1971 San Fernando Earthquake (I was there); The Northridge Earthquake of 1994. You get the point ;-) I took a pass on 3WW this week. Just wasn’t feeling motivated.

Woozie said...

And who the hell is Roger Craig?

Carlos said...

Ummm..Make that Larry Craig. I was thinking of an old NFL running back for some bizarre reason.