Thursday, October 11, 2007


Does the term “corn hole” evoke visions of Larry Craig in compromising positions in airport restrooms? How ‘bout of Mark Foley leaning back in his office chair having illicit schoolboy fantasies? No? What about of Richard Simmons or Liberace?

Fortunately, your foul minds are way, way off track. See, if I invited you over for an afternoon of cornholing, I’d simply be inviting you over to participate in a harmless little game. Don’t believe me? Just visit the American Cornhole Association web site. It’s safe. Don’t fret. Now go pray for yourselves you sick fucks.

No Einstein
Miss Cellania had a link to one of those online tests. I took this one, that purports to be an 8th grade science test, and got a B-. Go ahead. Give it a try…chicken.
JustSayHi - Science Quiz

My Sister Sucks
Some of you might remember that my sister left her husband a month or so ago and moved out of state on the advice of me, one of our cousins, and her ex-husband. It was for her safety. Our cousin took her in, got her an apartment (and paid for everything), and went way out of her way to help her. My cousin called me Saturday and told me….



The_Gator said...

Im sorry to hear you only scored a B on that test Carlos. I got them all right when i took it. Eigth Grade Science is not that difficult. It is just physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy. No big deal. Sorry to hear about your sister. She is still your sister, no matter how dumb she is. Hopefully she will get smart here soon.

renee255 said...

OMG, I love that Cookie Blues video, how do I download it to my computer?

And Bozo is priceless. Your blog put a huge smile on my face today even if you sister is a moron.

Have a great day cornhole ;)

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Good post. Sorry to hear about that incident with your Sis. Yeah that sucks!

Also, thanks for the education on cornholing. Looks like I will be using that term more freely. I really don't give a rats ass if other opt to interpret it incorrectly.


Carlos said...

Gator: Sorry to hear you’re sorry ;-) Science was never one of my strong subjects in school so I don’t feel so bad. I’m not holding my breath for my sister, but thanks for the kind words.

Nay: I emailed the cookie vid to you. Glad my humble blog made you smile. I thought you’d like the clown boxer. ;-) Thanks for the nice email too.

FlyinFox: Thanks for the kind words neighbor.

renee255 said...

Shelly thanks for responding bout the sick fuck not being dead. I think you need to retract that story Carlos. I'm confused, did they misreport or did we read it wrong?

jules said...

Hey baby. I miss you! (Oh, yeah, Carlos' wife...we've been carrying on a torrid affair.) What? You mean that was all in my head? Damn.

Margaret said...

I scored a "B" also - but I can promise you I didn't know any of that stuff while in 4th grade.

Big sigh for Sis - I have two in similar situations. There isn't much you can do sometimes but to be there.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I will spare myself the humiliation of taking the test since the last grade I actually completed was 7th .
I too am sorry to hear your sister pulled that shit, it must have been really disappointing as well as frightening. Was your cousin paying for the apartment weekly or monthly? I know what your going through - really I do, and sometimes it's better to let it go.
On the up side, I love the direction you've gone with your blog. You've found your true blog self. I enjoy stopping in for the read and would do so even if I didn't know you. Soon you'll be a famous blogger - just don't forget us little guys lol.

Carlos said...

Jules: Holy shit! They really did invent the Internets in Bum Fuck, Wherever the hell you are! Welcome back!

Margie: Yay! B’ers unite! :-)

Bunny~n~Early: It was very disappointing. I have taken your advice and let it go. I’ll keep tabs on her for now through her son and her ex-husband. I just don’t need that kind of drama in my life. The cuz was paying the apartment monthly. My sis did pay for October, which I suppose was kinda sorta considerate…for her. I’m glad you like the new direction of the blog. I love doing it. I have no aspirations of being a blog king or anything…I’ll take quality to quantity any day, and my current readership is top notch! Besides, I’ve reconnected with you and Nay from the way, way distant past, and that’s fuckin’ bitchin’!

Shelley said...

Sorry about your sister.

I'm not going to tell you my score on the science can guess from that comment it wasn't very good.

Rimpy said...

I gots a B+ on the eighth grade science quiz, which is way better than I would have done when I was really in the eighth grade.