Saturday, October 13, 2007


Stunning Cunt
I’ve never punched a woman before, but I would be hard pressed not to punch Ann Coulter right in the fucking teeth if I had the opportunity. How this caustic, anorexic bitch gets the airtime she does is beyond me.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect her right to speak freely, but come on. Where is this twat coming from? She is, plain and simple, dangerous. Her ideals are as dangerous as any fringe, power-hungry, religious fanatic, autocrat, or dictator in any corner of our globe.

Her intolerance, hypocrisy, and narrowmindedness are stunning. So come on over to my place Ann….I wanna put your fucking lights out for being a supreme dumbass.

Here’s the cause of my ire – Courtesy of The Boy, who spends hours scouring the internet for, not only mindless college-boy bullshit (which I most certainly dig), but also meaningful, political and social issues (which I also dig).

Red Sox
The Sox destroyed the Cleveland Indians last night 10-3. They lead the divisional series 1-0. The best part about this year's playoffs? No fucking Yankees!

Key West, Florida, 1983
So one night, Dave and Tom and I were in Sloppy Joe’s bar in Key West. We were belly up to the bar – the side closest to the Duvall Street entrance. Tom’s making time with some hottie to his left. I’m sitting to his right; and Dave’s sitting to my right. All of a sudden Tom, with his raspy Georgia accent, lets rip with the most hilarious pickup line I’ve ever heard:

“Baby? How ‘bout you and me go back to yo’ place, hop in the tub and shuck some corn?”

I nearly pissed myself. Dave nearly pissed himself. Tom paid us no mind, and left with the chick.

Shouldn't we all be this carefree?



Margaret said...

Ann C makes me embarrassed to be a blond, a woman and a Christian. The tongue is a double edged sword and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Lord allows her to be stricken with larynx rot.

Oh gosh, the shucking corn comment will have to be added to my "Old sayings" list. =O)

Woozie said...

Wouldn't you rather severely bludgeon Mann Cuntler with a dull executioner's axe for 20 minutes, and then saw her head off with a serrated hunting knife, a'la Henry VIII?

The_Gator said...

slap her once for me!

Or...ill have sex with her...and then slap her..and then you can slap her ..and then slap her once for me.

Shelley said...

The witch is fucking ignant! She calls herself a Christian? Don't get me started on that shit - you know where I stand. Christians are not supposed to be mean, hateful, spiteful, intolerant, etc., etc., etc. She does not fall into that category. I now denounce her from being a believer of the New Testament. She has to read the whole thing & understand it - not just take out pieces here & there and use them has she pleases. May I slap her too? Then this crap about interracial marriages & these couples having a chip on their shoulder and waiting for someone to say something? Get real - I think she is afraid of anyone who isn't a WASP.

renee255 said...

I have heard Ann C has made some off handed comments but personally have never seen any till I seen this clip. I personally think this Donny took her comment out of context. He asked the question:

"If you had it your way what would the country look like?" (or something similar)

Then he is the one who poked and prodded her for an answer beyond her initial response, then became offend. I think he is the one who looked like an idiot in this clip.

I'm not claiming to be a fan of this woman, I've seen her only once or twice banter with O'Riley. Not enough to like her, or jump on the I hate Ann Coulter band wagon either.

What I have observed; she gets her name out there, which I'm certain helps her sell her wares. Isn't that what it is all about?

I know she was on the O'Riley Factor peddling her new book "If Democrats Had Brains They Would Be Republicans".

I watch the O'Riley Factor and find him to be humorous. I know it is suppose to be "real news" unlike The Colbert Report but I'm not buying into that. :)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Why does anyone act shocked about anything she says. She constantly reminds us what a good Christian she is. Like she says, she stands for everything the good Christian republican party hold dear. Hate, greed, war, killing, intolerance - those are their values. Look at what they voted for, WAR as usual. I've never met one that wasn't judgmental. Ann is a true Christian no doubt about it. I hope she continues to get lots of airtime along with Rush and Bill O so the young people get a chance to see what true Christianity is, in order to help them make an informed decision before getting involved with it. I don't fit that mold and don't want to - she can have it!
Gator don't bitch slap her, that would put you on their level and as for sleeping with her... Find a good little heathen that believes in love and unity.

Webmiztris said...

what a minute...the shucking corn pickup line actually WORKED? that is pretty fucking!

ps. I hate Ann Coulter too. why hasn't anyone offed that bitch yet? what are we waiting for anyway? lol

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

A Coulter limerick:

There once was a bitch name of Ann

Who said stuff and shit hit the fan

She is such a twat

She hates Jews a lot

And gays and blacks and other women and hispanics and immigrants and people of color and everyone not WASPY like her.

(I never was good at the final line of a limerick, as you can tell)

Sheila said...

Well I don't know a thing about Ann Coulter. Never heard of her before reading your post, but I like Shelley's comment.

Loved the video!

The_Gator said...

Bunny and Early...well whoever made the comment.

I personally like Ann. She does make good points. However being a Republican who leans more towards the center than to the extreme side i do disagree with some of the things she has to say. Much like i disagree with some of the things Hillary says.

If i had to vote for president today and could only vote for a democrat, i would vote for Obama. I forget what he said...but he said something early on in his campaigning and it got me on his side.

I wouldnt mind a woman in the White house, just not that one!

Arlene said...

I don't know enough about her to speak intelligently about her, but since nothing out of her mouth is intelligent, I feel confident agreeing with you!!
I love your friends pick up line, and the fact that it worked...holy shit there must have been a lot of alcohol involved!!!!
That first video, with that babies, KILLED ME!!!