Tuesday, October 02, 2007

War is Hell

I've been watching "The War" on PBS. It's a masterpiece so far.
I've heard news reports and read stories of Mexican Americans who feel Ken Burns slighted them by not representing them in his film. Why don't I feel slighted? Because:

Men and women at war are men and women at war
Not black
Not white
Not brown
Not rich
Not poor
Not men
Not women
But Human
We all bleed the same
We all die the same

God help us
You come yourself
Don’t send Jesus
This is no place for children

Unidentified mess sergeant – Anzio beach head, World War II, 1944


renee255 said...


Awesome post, thank you.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I feel that this should be the mantra when we are at peace as well. Colors and ethnicity don't really come back just because we stopped going to war!


Woozie said...

That's not true.

We all don't bleed the same, and we all don't die the same. One can buy their way out of anything with money.

Arlene said...

Great post!
I'll have to check out that series; stuff like that interests me like crazy!

Shelley said...

Yessir - war is war - it kills people - plain ol' people - no matter who they are.

Carlos said...

Nay: Gracias!

FlyinFox: Amen. I agree. I’ve been working on a post on race in my brain for a while now. One day I’ll post it.

Wooz: You’re off topic brother. I’m talking about the people who actually go to war, not the ones that don’t. The ones who go to war all bleed the same; all die the same.

Arlene: Thanks! Do check it out. You won’t be disappointed. It’s awesome.

Shelley: My friend, we see eye to eye. We think a lot a like, and that’s what makes you a great co-worker and a greater friend.

Margaret said...

PBS has been putting out some great series lately. But tonight, it's South Park. Cartman comes down with Tourette's syndrome. Gotta see it - he really can't get any worse. Can he?

The_Gator said...

wait i think i see a beecho on that landing craft.

Carlos said...

Marige: South Park was fucking hilarious. My favorite was the guy who kept saying “Ass! Ass! Piss! Piss in my ass!” Those guys are nuts!

Gator: That was just a little before my time junior ;-) Oh, and it’s B-e-a-c-h-o.

The_Gator said...

thats what i said...beacho

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

The post is awesome but I have to agree with woozie. The rich don't die the same because they don't get sent in to be gunned down, they volunteer for charity instead.

Carlos said...

Gator: Whatevs slacker ;-)

Bunny~n~Early: What you and the Woozster are missing is that I’m talking about those who are or have been at war, not the people who aren’t or haven’t been. Those who actually serve in combat all bleed and die the same.

The issue of the privileged sending the less privileged to bleed and die is a whole different topic – One that you, I and the Woozinator see eye-to-eye on.

renee255 said...

"they volunteer for charity instead."

Is that what holding a public office is called now days "charity". I'm signing up for that "charity".

I wonder if I will get the same perks as my elected officials, woops, I mean volunteer officials receive? :)

little sister said...

I've watched a lot of that series; learned about it while watching the Daily Show. Unbelievable footage.

I totally heart the Marine pilot who said if we didn't have evil, we wouldn't need to construct religion. I think a lot of the world's smartest people have survived a war.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

My bad... You did specifically state " Men and women at war".