Saturday, October 06, 2007

Road Trip!

In a few short hours I'll be driving to the coast. A good friend is getting married this afternoon. There'll be a few other friends there I haven't seen in years. Should be fun.

Saving You Tax Dollars
Assistant U.S. Attorney John D.R. Atchison offed himself in a jail cell after having been arrested and accused of traveling across state lines to do a five-year-old. Here’s the story.

Go Sox!
Once upon a time I was a die-hard Dodgers fan. I played little league and high school baseball, and even attended an L.A. Dodgers baseball camp when I was about 16. I got to meet Davy Lopes, Jim Gilliam, and a host of other famous Dodgers.

And now? I am a die-hard Red Sox fan. Since my mom was always a Sox fan, they were always a backup, but recent years have found me much more avid of a fan.

Playoff season has begun, and the Sox are up 2-0 over the Angels. I think the Angels’ impending loss to the Sox can be attributed to the idiotic fiasco regarding the name of their team. Here’s the evolution: California Angels, Los Angeles Angels, Anaheim Angels, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. What kind of stupid name is that? Are they from Los Angeles or Anaheim? Either way, they’re gonna get spanked.



renee255 said...

Is that video suppose to play?

Am I retarded and just can't figure it out?

I like the "perfect date", funny.

My jaw dropped and my face contorted when I read the first sentence of that article:
"A federal prosecutor flew to metro Detroit with a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly for a 5-year-old he planned to have sex with, police say."

Sick fucker.

I'm glad he offed himself. Not only did he save a few tax dollars but his family any further humiliation and grief.

Have a blast at the wedding!!! Is the Warden attending? ;)

Carlos said...

Yes dear. It should play ;-) Click the arrow looking button thingy on the bottom left of the video window. It's pretty bad...but funny

Yes...good thing the sick fucker ain't around any more!

No Warden and no kids. The Warden was gonna go...then not..then was...then not Typical woman!

Shelley said...

After living in Anaheim during my high school years, I agree. It was nice having a professsional baseball team owned by Gene Autrey (for those ol' western fans), but they were not the best thing for the city. Pretty much on a lsoing streak back then - giving my age away. Now, old Walt Disney - that's a different story. The Dodgers were/are my favorites. Same as the Lakers & Rams (even though they have moved. Am I off-track? are a traitor to your CA roots!!! I still like you anyway. Be good & hope you have fun at the wedding.

renee255 said...

I'm a retard. I thought my arrow should have turned to a hand when I hovered over it. Look at me making excuses for being a retard. ;)

Have a spectacularly fabulous weekend!!!

The_Gator said...

HAHAHA that commercial was funny...I saw it at one point.

Regarding the random city angels. The random city raiders have done the same thing. Only the raiders actually moved.

Margaret said...

I loved the Bank video. Although I'll never look at yogurt the same way ever again.

Not such a big problem, for in this manner I'll also never look at Semen the same way ever again either.

And that notion (according to my husband Gon) may not be a bad thing after all.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Thank Gawd the freak killed himself. Maybe it could be like a cult thing and the rest of them will follow.
Have fun!

Arlene said...

OMG, that story is horrible...seriously horrible. I can't even imagine, and I don't want to :-(

Your 2 cartoons are hilarious...thank God you ended this post on a happy note! You're my favorite!! :-D

Woozie said...

Fuck baseball-it's a Sunday in October! Who watches baseball? This is madness!

renee255 said...

Do you have wedding/reception pictures to share with us?

Hope you had a ton of fun?

Carlos said...

Shelley: Traitor? That hurts ;-)

Nay: Hey, you don’t need no stinkin’ excuses for being a ‘tard!

Gator: Random City Angels...Never heard that before. The Raiders mess was a joke. Being a long (Roman Gabriel long) suffering Rams fan, I despise the Raiders in a special way. Shuffling cities made it all the better.

Margie: There’s a guy at work who eats yogurt every day. We’re going to torment him every time we see him eating it…only because he’s fun to torment ;-)

Bunny~n~Early: I agree!

Arlene: Very horrible. I’m just glad they caught the sick bastard. I’m the cartoons made you laugh. :-)

Wooz: You really are a commie! Baseball in October rules!

Nay: Had a good time, but didn’t take as many pictures as I shoulda. I’ll post a few soon.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Classic commercial!!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Go Sox! What an exciting Sweep of Angeles....


Shelley said...

One more thing about that sicko - Assistant U.S. Attorney Atchison - he wasn't the one who offed himself. Too bad. "And last year, the Orlando Sentinel reported that another Florida prosecutor, who worked in Rockwall County, killed himself after police said he was caught soliciting sex with a minor."

renee255 said...

Shelly, are you saying someone killed sicko Attichson? or he isn't dead?

Shelley said...

Nay, the dipshit isn't dead. Just in jail awaiting trial. Another ass was arrested (a prosecuting attorney from the same state) for the same thing a year ago - HE was the one who killed himself. I think once these idiots get into jail the other prisoners will have their way with them. Maybe that way they will get what they deserve.