Monday, October 15, 2007


My Friend
Someone sent a few nice gifts and a card. It came in the mail today. Let me rephrase that: the gifts came in one package and the card came separately ‘cause she’s a ‘tard like that. But that’s fine with me. Thank you Nay for the sweet card and the gifts – from both me and The Warden. Sally liked the stress potatoes, but hasn’t thrown one at me just yet (I’ll get you for that my pretty!). I’ll watch the movie this weekend. You’re such a dear friend. I must’ve done something right in my life to land a friend like you.

My Daughter
The Girl got busted (by me) with a hickey on her neck last week. I had a nice, civil discussion with her about it, perceptions, respect, self-respect, and rules. I left it at that. Oh, and I did ask the suckee to pass a message to the sucker for me: “Tell Monkey Boy that if I see another one of those fuckin’ things on your neck, he and I are going to have a problem.”

This afternoon when I picked up The Girl he came to the car, leaned in the window and nervously apologized to me. He said he knew what he did was wrong, and said he was sorry for disrespecting The Girl and me. He also said it would never happen again. I accepted his apology gracefully, shook his hand, and told him I was impressed that he’d taken responsibility for his misstep and especially that he’d had the gumption to apologize to me.

My Nigga
My daughter says black friends at school don’t mind if non-black people refer to them as nigga. They do, on the other hand, take exception to the variation of that word that ends in e-r. I told her that black folks don’t generally take kindly to either reference, and that she shouldn’t be using either word.

Goes to show the influence of certain musical genres on kids today. I can’t imagine being able to get away with using either iteration of the word back when I was in high school. As they say, them’s fightin’ words.

Myutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
Critters around the casa.

My, My, My
I sent this to a couple of people via email, but decided to post it here. It truly cracks me the fuck up.

Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

Mynd Reading


The_Gator said...

wait wait wait...calling her a cunt is worse than what she said! He made a personal attack on her. She merely said a word that can be heard 100 times a day on MTV.

Woozie said...

Oh relax nigga, it tends to be the younger crowd who's okay with -a and not -er. Personally, I don't care about either enunciation, it's all about tone and context. And maybe this'll have more weight coming from someone who hates CrapRap™.

The_Gator said...

So if the sucker puts more hickeys on her below the suckee's neck its ok? say thigh? I think you should have been more clear!

Carlos said...

Gator: Rest assured, they are both clear on the boundaries. Unfortunately I didn't have a secretary taking dictation for me so I could include an entire transcript of the discussions.

Wooz: Thanks for the perspective.

Woozie said...

By th way. Napoleon Dynamite was a massive cow turd of a movie, and you spelled Napoleon wrong.

The_Gator said...

Well now Carlos my friend, you know to have someone there writting down everything you say!

Sheila said...

Carlos, I think you handled the hickey situation quite well - not placing blame, being extremely diplomatic - then BOOM, the Dad in you comes out and tells "The
Girl" exactly how it is. Believe me she will NEVER forget this incident! lol. Kudos to Monkey Boy for caring enough about your daughter (or maybe trying to avoid an ass kicking) to summon up the courage and apologize to you. I'm surprised his knees didn't buckle while walking up to your car lol!

I do not think you have any reason to wonder why you have such good friends!

The critter pics were great and so was the "N-Word" video - lmao!

Flyinfox_SATX said...


OK, I have a 12 year old daughter and you have set the bar for handling the hickey situation...believe me I am taking notes.

The dude stepped up to the plate big time and showed no fear...I feel this is a good quality.

I feel that the use of the N word is disrespectful in any aspect. Why? Because it shows how people can treat each other with ignorance. Not cool.

I have to admit that the video defines the pot calling the kettle black though....LMAO


Miss Cellania said...

I dread the day one of my kids comes home with a hickey. Or worse. I'm liable to melt in frustration.

Carlos said...

Wooz: Whatchootalkinboutwillis?

Gator: I’ve purchased a portable recorder to document my conversations.

Sheila: Thank you for the kinds words. You’re too sweet :-)

FlyinFox: Thanks! I debated whether or not to post that vid, but opted to in the end. It was just too ironic….too hilarious to pass up.

MissCellania: Long time no see! Thanks for dropping by. The dread is worse than the reality. You seem like a cool, calm, collected girl…I think you’ll do just fine :-)

Webmiztris said...

what is up with teens and hickies? they all do it (give/receive hickies) but it's retarded because it doesn't even feel good to get a

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Good job Carlos, you could have pulled him into the car, drove him to the desert and made him suck the dirt out of a large hole and then threw him into it. Now that's fun.

TC said...

“Tell Monkey Boy that if I see another one of those fuckin’ things on your neck, he and I are going to have a problem.”


Good for you!

Though I have to say, impressive of him to come apologize.