Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cell Phone Update

I took my soggy phone (aka Stinky Diver) to work yesterday and left it in the dashboard for the day. I wouldn’t recommend doing that during the summer months here, but yesterday was perfect. After work and running around, I inspected my phone. It was pretty dry, and no water came out when I tapped it on my forearm.

So I popped the battery in it and it powered up. Contacts, ring tones and everything were still in tact. The only thing noticeably different was a slight and very faint squealing through the earpiece. Like a wet speaker. So I gave it another shot of The Warden’s hair dryer. I’ll check it out later today and see what happens.

I got on Google Earth the other day and decided to check out our old place in Arizona. The fucks that bought the house and property from my mom back in 2001 have turned it into a dump. Where once there were huge trees and bushes, a giant orange tree (actually one that put out various citrus) and grass, there’s a lunar landscape and junk. Here’s a picture of it. North's on top.


reneeg255 said...

They did trash it, surprised the pool is clean. Does that Kenny or family of Kenny live next door that you know of?

Wow, that google earth is something else, that is a good shot.

Margaret said...

Google earth is so cool, and better lately with more clarity. There is a way to zoom in further just by adding digits to the url.

Poor phone. I'm still old school I suppose. I consider it to be a car phone and thus, leave it in the car on the charger all of the time. It's work related anyway or if I go on a trip or have an emergency.

I've come to hate phones for some reason and never answer them anymore.

The_Gator said...

My one question Carlos....Why did you have the phone in the bathroom to begin with?

Woozie said...

You might be a redneck if...

Shelley said...

Gator, I want to know the answer to that question also. He said it was to read the news...whatevs!

I'm ba-a-ack & Cozumel was great. Even have some color to my body. Nice to be next to you at work again. Believe it or not, I also missed your company.

Carlos said...

Nay: Pretty sad isn’t it? Kenny’s dad still lives next door with his 2nd wife. I saw them back in 1999. They were great. Mom’s illness hit his wife kinda hard because Mom had helped her through her breast cancer/chemo/radiation. I keep meaning to call them, but….I suck at making phone calls – Even maybe as much as you do ;-)

Margie When I retired from the military, I was so happy to be rid of my phone. I was chained to that thing 365 days a year. I didn’t have a cell phone for a few months. When I finally did get one, I enjoyed leaving it home, off, or wherever. Now I’m back to being chained to it. I suppose it’s a little diff though since it’s not so much work any more. I rarely answer the home phone unless I know who it is.

Gator: News baby. News. I’d read all my magazines and hadn’t had a chance to watch the news, so I was gonna catch up with the news on the phone.

Woozie: …if your mobile phone ain’t so mobile.

Shelley: Now why you gots ta be bustin’ my balls? ;-) Glad you made it back in one piece from Mexico! Now I wanna see some pictures. Oh…I’m flattered that you missed my company. :-)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

If I recall, that was a nice area. I bet the neighbors love them trashing the place. I can't get Google earth to work here for some reason. It sucks.

Webmiztris said...

hope your phone's OK. that happened to me once too. my husband took it apart, let it airdry and put it back together and it worked perfectly. I later sold that phone on ebay. suckers!!! lol kidding, it worked fine. for reals!