Saturday, December 29, 2007


New Feature
I'm going to put this flashing alert on my side bar any time I have a new entry in my Dumbasses in Government blog.
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Cheer On This One Time
The news around town (this town anyway) is the comments made by a Texas A&M “Yell Leader” about Joe Paterno, coach of Penn State. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the comments or the media-created controversy.

I’m interested to know if “they” think they can fool us with this “yell leader” bullshit. We all know the guy is a fucking cheerleader. And all guy cheerleaders know that all non-guy-cheerleaders make fun of them. Hence, the “yell leader” euphemism.

Nice try, “they.” He's a cheerleader, and we all think he's being sodomized right at this very moment ;-)

News For Wooz
Speaking of sodomy, Woozie and I have a bet. He and I have placed a wager on tomorrow’s game between the Cowboys of Dallas and the Redskins of Washington. We have bet fully one bucket of chicken and a gallon of grape drink. The chicken is on the game. Woozie added the grape drink as a side bet that Romo and Terrell Owens won’t play.

So, technically, I think the bet is a bucket of chicken on the game, and a gallon of grape drink on Romo/Owens not starting.

If Dallas comes with their starters, Washington will, as I indicated to Woozie in last post’s comments, get ass raped like a prison bitch.

My good friend Jim is in Washington this week, and will attend tonight’s game in full Cowboys regalia. I hope he left a will and medical power of attorney with his wife! He did it before though when he was working out there. He said the ‘Skins fans are pretty abusive to visiting Dallas fans, but he loves it.

Memory du Jour (Been a while)
Back in the days of sex, drugs and rock-‘n’-roll, we used to play on Thanksgiving. The Turkey Bowl, we called it. And it was tackle football – No pads or helmets. Just long hair and a lot of weed-fogged little minds.

We used to play at a local community college. Initially we had enough people for two teams (6-8 players on each team) and one game. There were, however, a couple of years where we had two and three games going on at the same time. It was brutal. I played defensive end and was a running back on offense. I did quite well as a RB until I tore ligaments in my right ankle (did it twice again over the years) one day while ripping up the middle and spinning/darting through the secondary. I think that was my last game. I suppose I could remember if I hadn’t been smoking so much ganja back then.

Quote of the Day
"You know, when you give a man more money in his pocket—in this case, a woman more money in her pocket to expand a business, it—they build new buildings. And when somebody builds a new building somebody has got to come and build the building. And when the building expanded it prevented additional opportunities for people to work." — George W. Bush, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 3, 2007


Woozie said...

Well, your Dullass KKKowboys have already confirmed that T.O. is not starting and not playing on Sunday, and your boy Tony Homo is still up in the air, though he'll probably at least start.

TL;DR KKKowboys suck, they're going to lose.

reneeg255 said...

That George character from your quote of the day always makes me feel smart ;)

Woozie said...


Woozie said...


The_Gator said...


Woozie said...

Wait a minute, what's the score? I'm sorry, I've been too busy salivating over that bucket of chicken I'm going to be getting.

Woozie said...

Command: Tower, uh, we have word of of a Santana Moss Touchdown, can you verify, over?

Tower: Uh, roger that command, we have a Santana Moss touchdown. Score is 27-3, Redskins over.

Command: Damn I could go for some chicken, over.

Carlos said...

All right. All right. You win! Thanks for keeping my day light. I've been feeling a little shitty today (before the game), so your levity came in quite handy.

I'll post my concession soon.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Speaking of sodomy... Wasn't GW a "yell leader" ? Loved the Memory du Jour in the states you'd be sued for that stuff now days though. They expect the boys to be raised big sissy's. Sad.
Keep the Bush quotes coming!