Wednesday, April 23, 2008


You’d think the citizens of our country would have bigger things to worry about than being offended by the cover of Time Magazine. How about a national debt of $9.2 trillion? Or how about the 46.9 million Americans without health insurance? And what about the 7.7 million unemployed (that’s 5%!) Americans?

Instead, some veterans and veterans groups are spending their free time being offended over this month’s Time cover. How about this, fellas: Spend your time serving the maimed coming back from Afghanistan and let it fucking go. There really are better things to worry about than a God damned magazine cover.

I was sitting at a light, waiting to turn left yesterday morning, when an ambulance happened by. It had its lights and si-reen on – and was fixin’ to pass me on the right. Then my turn light turned green. Almost immediately, the idiot behind me honked his horn at me. Without hesitation, I flipped him off. When the ambulance slowly passed me on the right, I made my best Vanna White hand gesture and shook my head to demonstrate to señor moron why I hadn’t moved.

Fight, Fight!
There’s another teenage fight video making its rounds of mainstream media. Am I the only one who wants to beat the shit out of the people making the decisions to air these videos? The other day a CNN reporter actually prefaced a fight video by saying something like, “authorities believe these are copycat videos.” Is there any common sense any more?

Quote of the Day
"I thank the diplomatic corps, who is here as well." — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., March 12, 2008


reneeg255 said...

I spent three weeks in Honduras without TV and sporadic internet service. Ignorance is bliss, I don't have to get worked up over shit I can't do anything about. ;)

I was also on foot in Honduras so I didn't have to worry bout dumb fuck drivers. ;)

You need to get the passport thing worked out to take a break from the good ol' US of A ;)

Love ya!!!

Woozie said...

What's there to be offended at?

Carlos said...

Nay: You guys are living the good life. I envy the three of you, and my wayward cousin in Brazil! The Warden would never move down there, or I'd seriously consider moving elsewhere! I think my passport lawyer died. He's not answering emails when once he was really good at it. I need to email his wife now.

Woozie: There ain't much, but you can bet there's some think tank somewhere seeking out things for varioius peoples and groups to be offended by.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

This puts " but mom they're going to kick my ass" in a whole different light. Too bad...