Saturday, March 07, 2009

First Rant Of The Year

Some things pissing me off lately…

Bernie Madoff
The next thing I want to hear about this idiot is that he’s assumed room temperature. No shit. Harsh, you say? Maybe. But the son of a bitch ruined lives, businesses and charities. And then he was allowed (by a miscreant, dumbass judge) to go home to hide all his valuables. The fuck.

To think our society will imprison someone for years for getting busted with bag of weed, and then let someone like fucking Madoff go home and live in the lap of luxury is maddening. He and the rest of the corporate criminal element need to go away for life and lose everything at the very least. And their families? Fuck them too.

Remember how some on the right of the political fence implored us to all support the president, no matter our political views? Do ya? Huh? And remember how those of us who were against the war were branded as un-American and such because we weren’t supporting our president during a time of crisis? I do.

Now think about how that same political ilk is supporting our current president, who's dealing even more than Bush did. Right! They’re not! Virtually none of them. The hypocritical fucks.

Dumbass Drivers
Other bad driver rants

My two driver-peeves so far this year:
1. Hauling ass to work. I’m talking about the morons who drive 20-30Mph over the speed limit and weave in and out of traffic. Do they really like their fucking jobs that much, or are they engaged in some masturbatory, trailer-park NASCAR fantasy?

2. Changing lanes too fast. I’ve come to a completely un-scientific, unfounded hypothesis that most of the avoidable accidents in town are caused by idiots whipping from lane to lane. Changing lanes like a fucking Indy Car driver doesn’t give you enough time to react to something that might be in your way, dumbasses.

Cut and Run
Republican Senator and pussy Judd Gregg did just that. I’ve been stewing about this for almost a month now. Gregg removed himself cut and ran from consideration as Commerce Secretary, citing opposition to the Obama Administration’s ideas for the recovery our nation’s economy.

This pansy’s party is the same one that routinely condemns anyone who doesn’t support war, killing and mayhem in “the Eye-rack - everywhere like such as.” Instead, they accuse anyone who is against war as someone who wants to “cut and run.” Peace lovers are un-American and un-patriotic. Pfft! Whatever. Fuck them.

Call me crazy, but dontcha think it would’ve served the Republican Party and the country better if Gregg had stayed? Wouldn’t it have been smarter to serve the bigger picture? If I were selected to serve in an opposing party’s administration I’d jump at it, despite philosophical differences. The way I see it, any influence I might have on the opposition, to sway them even a little bitsy bit to my side of the political fence, is just better for my party and better for the country.

In summary, Gregg is a short-sighted, opportunistic pussy pretending to have political and fiscal ethics.

Lost at Sea
If I see one more God forsaken story about the NFL players lost at sea, I’m gonna snap. Sure, it’s a shame they’re dead (and they most likely are), but what makes them any more important or newsworthy than the hundreds of other people who go through this shit every day? Nothing.

Fake Tears
How many times have you seen people on the news, “grieving” over one thing or another, crying without a single water molecule squirting out of their eyes? I see it all the time, and it bugs the ever-livin’ shit out of me.

Remember El Misión San Antonio de Valero!
Betcha didn’t know that’s what the Alamo used to be called.

Yesterday was the 173rd anniversary of the day Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a bunch of other guys got their asses kicked by General Antonio López de Santa Anna, and his merry band of Beaners at the Alamo.

Being half Mexican (really, I was born there) and all, I’m not sure what I should be commemorating.


unokhan said...

how bout joining me in the basement of the alamo for a beer to celebrate bicycling?

Carlos said...

Make that whisky or rum (neat), and you're on. ;-)

TC said...

Haha, and many more (rants) to come? :)

I love that you could link to other rants about bad drivers: awesome.

reneeg255 said...

Awww, I think you need a vacation dear!!! ;)

Now my rant: Chippy is missing ;)

I know, I know, "who the fuck is Chippy?" ;)


reneeg255 said...

My next rant:

Buff My Scrotum is gone ;(

Carlos said...

TC: I don't have a quota, but I've been known to get irritated at things here and there during the course of the year. I'm getting gouchy in my old age I think :-)

Nay: Yes....who in the fuck is Chippy?

I noticed Nigel's blog is gone. I had a feeling he was gonna vanish. If you recall, he "retired" from blogging once or twice before. I wonder if his failure to announce his "retirement" this time means it's fer sher. Maybe we'll get emails from him....

Anonymous said...

Wow dude we hate all of the same shit! Except the slow drivers are who piss me off. Lead follow or get the fuck out of my way!

That sucks Nigel cut and ran :(

Miz Hairy Pitz

Who the fuck is Chippy?

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to start here, but I just giggled my way through this rant. I think my favorite was the NFL :-P
I know, I know, going to hell. :-D But my Aunt says I'll be in good company 'cause it's where the cool folks go ;-)