Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics Rant - Part Deux

So last night when they were presenting the medals to the men's moguls winners, I noticed something.

When they presented the bronze to Bryon Wilson, the crowd seemed VERY loud and enthusiastic - and Bob Costas didn't say a word.

But...when they presented the silver to Australian Dale Begg-Smith, Costas talked through the whole fucking presentation. How fucking rude is that? Wow.

Costas only talked through part of the presentation of the gold to Canada's Alexandre Bilodeau. I really expected the audience to explode during this presentation, but it was muffled - like NBC had turned the gain down on their microphones. Compared to the audience noise when Wilson got his bronze, the respones to the silver and bronze winners was notably less loud.

Very odd indeed. So far, NBC gets an "F" for their coverage.


TC said...

Bob Costas, who never ages.

unokhan said...

all rigged

btw, the word verification is 'polish' lol

The_Gator said...

Didnt watch it, but I believe it.

Word to be verified....


Def: some one you call an uncle but is not really related to you at all.

Carlos said...

@TC: True!

@Unokhan: Nice. :-)

@Gator: Believe it, brother. It sucks.

Joker_SATX said...

Yep..The good thing is I can't watch the Olympics live so I DVR it. The Fast Forward button is my savior!