Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, I did it again. I forgot my blog’s birthday! I’ll chalk it up to premature senility. That’s a card I get to play every now and again now that I’m 48 (In September, by the way).

Anyway…This post is the six hundred and sixty fifth post of my blog’s life. My blog turned FIVE on August 12th of this year. Here’s the first post of my blog:

“Maybe I'm a little behind the curve with regard to Blogs, but I finally got around to it. A dear old friend in Idaho started one of her own here so I figured I'd start one too. I'm not sure what I'm going to rave about, but be sure I have a lot shit to say about many aspects of life, community, politics, the world, and a buncha other stuff.So sit back and read if you feel so inclined. If you don't that's fine too. You're more than welcome to comment in opposition to any of my viewpoints, but please try to be civil.


Oh, and if it’s any consolation (and I’m not sure why it would be), I missed my own birthday in September. Not in real life, but rather in blog life!


Rimpy said...

Well, happy belated birthday to both you and your blog. It's been enjoyable reading.

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Blog Birthday...

Are you at least planning to celebrate? Cake? Ice Cream? Tequila?

TC said...

I didn't blog about my birthday this year either (also in September!) but I did wish my blog happy birthday. I'm weird like that.

I'm with Joker though: how are we celebrating?

Carlos said...

@Rimpy: Thank you kind sir, both for the birthday wishes and the compliment. I've so neglected my blog over recent years.

@Joker: Gracias. Went out to eat on my B-day. That's about my speed: Prime rib and some ice cream for dessert :-)

@TC: I guess that makes us both weird. Nice to see I'm in good company :-)

The_Gator said...

ok im all caught up on the blog again. How is Miss Shelly doing? Finally hooked my computer up again. Haven't used it since June. Still waiting on those BBQ pictures or whatever it was.

Carlos said...

Hey Gator. Long time no fucking see. Shelley's doing well, thank you.

I'll have to look back at my posts to find out wtf I was talking about re bbq posts.

How's everything been with you?

The_Gator said...

July 18th post. Chuck Roast.

Is everything back to normal with her? You havent posted anything about her since her fall really. Im assuming she is out of the horse collar.

Things here have been great, just havent felt the urge to hook up my computer after coming home from Sacramento. Nothing too exciting to share. Life is life.

What is up with approving the comments on the blog?

TC said...

I'd hate to be normal after all this time :)

Carlos said...

@Gator - Yes, out of the horse collar and back to normal. She's getting headaches, but has an appointment to see a doctor. We've also been talking to a lawyer.

@TC - Me too! You're okay in my book :-)

The_Gator said...

A lawyer? What for?

Carlos said...

Negligence on the part of the place she tripped - unmarked hazard & all that kinda shit.